8 Rules for a Happy Workforce

There are 8 rules that any small business must follow in order to maintain a happy workforce.

  1. A passionate vision and clear mission that all employees have taken ownership of.
  2. A well defined chain of authority and corporate flow chart.
  3. A hire from within policy, allowing employees the chance to advance.
  4. An analysis of actual income and expense items to budgets on a quarterly basis so that unexpected events are proactively handled.
  5. An active line of credit and minimal savings threshold capable of keeping the company afloat for 6 months in case of emergency.
  6. Adequate lighting and a suitable work space that encourages positive mental attitudes.
  7. Well laid out job descriptions against which performance is evaluated every 6 months so that there is accountability and opportunity to actively listen.
  8. A management team that leads by example.

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