The 8 Faces of A Great Business Leader by Thomas Oppong

Want to share this. Thought this was a very concise and right on article about leadership that can be applied to all aspects of life. Plus it does have lucky # 8 associated with it.

The role of a Leader in the business world encompasses every kind of position or job description. Whether you’re the boss or a simple clerk in the company, you can apply the principles of leadership in your own department or even in disciplining yourself. Undoubtedly, being a leader is essential in running your own business. It is believed that great leaders breed success. Average leaders expect nothing but mediocrity.

To become a leader and entrepreneur at the same time requires a lot of things. You need to be the general of your own army not just someone passively standing and drinking coffee. A leader does not only commands but sets an example. Leadership is an active process of doing things thereby motivating others to work.

He/she is creative, perseverant, patient and goal-oriented. There are many attributes you can think of when talking about being a leader. But what really is…

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